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Have you ever eaten frybread? How about an Indian Taco?

Indian Taco

If you have tried these delicious treats you know just how tasty and satisfying Native American comfort food can be. For those of you who haven't, well Tohbi's has got you covered. Come and try traditional Native American cuisine which includes the ever popular and versatile Indian frybread.


It all starts with Tohbi's scrumptious frybread! We make the dough in micro batches to ensure consistent delicious flavor and freshness. Tohbi's frybread is then cooked upon order and ready for you to create your very own Indian Taco just the way you like it! With a selection of naturally raised meats, organic veggie and dairy toppings, we have something for everyone to enjoy! Oh, and save room for dessert, because frybread is not only an entree, it also doubles as a dessert by adding our savory dessert toppings.


Whether it is an entree or dessert, you will not only be eating a Native American classic but you will also be eating the freshest, most natural ingredients available!

Here is what people are saying about Tohbi's!

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  • "So this is what my friends were talking about... absolutely delicious!"

    - Monica J. (San Jose, CA)

  • "I can see why this is known as an iconic food. You just have to try it!"

    - Jason F. (Campbell, CA)

  • "Tohbi's is the bomb!"

    - John H. (San Jose, CA)

  • "Ahhh...the power of frybread!"

    - Michael C. (San Jose, CA)

  • "Frybread and Indian tacos, now this is a true American original!"

    - Jim C. (Mountain View, CA)

  • "I’m so impressed with what Tohbi’s is doing. Great food from great sources!"

    - Jeannie G. (Cupertino, CA)

  • "Talk about bang for your buck! I couldn’t believe all the food I got."

    - Joe B. (Morgan Hill, CA)

  • "I have been looking for a place like this for awhile now. I’m so happy I will be able to get my beloved frybread and Indian tacos."

    - Sammy R. (San Francisco, CA)

  • "Growing up in Arizona I know what good frybread and Indian tacos taste like. Believe me when I tell you Tohbi’s has got this thing dialed-in!"

    - James Y. (San Jose, CA)

  • "Tohbi's frybread rocks!"

    - Kim S. (San Jose, CA)

  • "You have to try the shredded beef taco, what an amazing flavor!"

    - Amy P. (Scotts Valley, CA)

  • "Tried an Indian taco from Tohbi’s after a day of surfing. That was a great day!"

    - Jeff S. (Santa Cruz, CA)

  • "You can definitely taste the quality in the ingredients! What a difference premium ingredients make!"

    - Albert N. (Daly City, CA)