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The SOURCE is the difference!

Overview of the Sources

Where does your food come from? How are the animals being cared for? What is being done to sustain the land from which the food is produced? Here at Tohbi's we think that knowing where your food comes from is very important. We also think it's important to know how the animals, land, and the people who work on the land are being cared for as well. That is why we are very selective on the sources from which we get our food.


You as an eating consumer deserve the safest, most healthful food possible. Food free of antibiotics and added hormones. Food grown without synthetic agro-chemicals. Food with exceptional quality and taste. This is exactly what you will get through the food sources we have chosen. All of Tohbi's food sources share principles we support. Raising animals naturally while treating them humanely, respecting the land through sustainable farming and being fair to farm employees. These principles translate into food that you will feel good about eating. Every time you eat at Tohbi’s you will be supporting these principles, one Indian Taco at a time...


Food, INC. The Movie


"It would be great if everyone could see this movie. Knowing where your food comes from could make a difference in the foods you choose."

- Peter K. Razonable, Founder & CEO, Tohbi's Native American Eatery

The Source of Our Beef


Eat Wild

Grass-fed food facts and information.


The beef we serve at Tohbi's comes from cattle that thrive on a 100% organic grass-fed diet.


These cattle are raised naturally by family ranchers on USDA Certified Organic pastures. They are never fed grain or animal by-products and never treated with drugs, growth hormones or antibiotics. They are treated humanely and raised in a low stress environment.


Not only are these ranchers raising cattle in a manner that promotes animal health, but they are also being stewards of the land by employing land-management practices that protect delicate rangeland ecosystems.


What does all this mean? It means beef that is flavorful and tender. It means beef that is more nutritious. It means land that is guarded and preserved. All of which we support and hold in high value.

The Source of Our Chicken


Animal Welfare Approved

Program which audits and certifies family farms that utilize high animal welfare methods of farming.


Tohbi's serves 100% all natural chicken. This doesn't just mean that there are no additives given during processing, we’re talking about NATURALY RAISED chicken. Our suppliers provide us with chicken that must meet the following requirements:

  • Minimal Stress Environment – Free from the stresses of overcrowding or wide temperature variations. They have abundant fresh air, comfortable housing and plenty of clean water.
  • Room to Roam – Plenty of room to move about as they please so they can get all the exercise they need to grow up strong and healthy.
  • All-Natural Diet – Raised without antibiotics on an all-vegetable US grown grain diet fortified with vitamins and minerals.

Being raised naturally and humanely with the best nutrition will result in a better tasting chicken every time!

The Source of Our Pork


Certified Humane

A program that is helping improve the lives of millions of farm animals.


The pork served at Tohbi’s comes from pigs that are raised naturally, without antibiotics or hormones and they are never fed artificial ingredients or animal by-products.


Hogs are raised in barns with deeply bedded pens and allowed to go outside to roam around as they wish. Since they don’t spend their lives indoors in crowded conditions there is no need for antibiotics to keep the pigs healthy as a result of factory farming confinement. With constant access to quality food, water, fresh air and sunshine and the freedom to express their natural behaviors make for healthy happy pigs.


Healthy happy pigs results in wonderfully marbled pork with a delicious, sweet taste!

The Source of Our Dairy


American Humane Certified Program

Certification program that provides independent, third party audited verification that the care and handling of animals on enrolled farms meet the animal welfare standards set forth by American Humane Certified.


Tohbi's only uses dairy products from USDA certified organic farms. Cows from these farms are never treated with hormones or antibiotics. And since these cows live in a stress free environment they can produce plenty of milk naturally, without the use of rBST, the genetically engineered bovine growth hormone that stimulates milk production.


Farmers are raising and caring for these cows in the most humane way possible. Humanely treated animals produce a healthier food product period.


In addition to providing a healthy and happy life for the cows, these farmers are using sustainable agricultural practices to insure that the land used will provide viable use for generations to come.

The Source of Our Beans


USDA Organic Certification

USDA program which regulates the standards for any farm, wild crop harvesting, or handling operation that wants to sell an agricultural product as organically produced.


Both the black and pinto beans we serve here at Tohbi's are USDA certified organic. These beans are grown in soils free of synthetic fertilizers, grown without the use of pesticides and farmed with an organic strategy in mind.


Instead of using synthetic fertilizers to promote quick plant growth, organic farmers take an entirely different approach by nourishing the soil and not "treating" it. Preventing damage from insects and disease is not done with chemical pesticides but rather through good plant nutrition and natural crop management.


While farming with this strategy can be quite extensive, these practices help to replenish and maintain soil fertility as well as protect our water systems from synthetic chemicals. This approach to long term soil management is a key factor that contributes to healthy and long lasting food production.

The Source of Our Grain


Organic Crop Improvement Association

Nonprofit, member-owned, organic certification organization and an accredited world leader in the certified organic industry.


Using conventional flour just won't work for us at Tohbi's. Conventional flour not only contains traces of pesticides and other agricultural chemicals but it also contains chemicals added during transport, storage and during the milling process. We would much rather use organic grains from crops that are chemical free from planting to packaging.


The organic wheat flour we use comes from grain that is grown on family farms that are certified sustainable. These farmers produce nutrient rich grains with farming methods that help preserve the quality of soils and water.


The sustainable methods these farmers use not only protect the land and water but these practices also produce food that is safe and nutritious.


Healthy grains from healthy soils!

The Source of Our Produce


Community Supported Agriculture

Model for agriculture and food distribution which focuses on the production of high quality foods for local communities through a shared risk membership and marketing structure.


All of Tohbi's vegetables are 100% organic from locally grown sources. Why organic? Well there are plenty of reasons, so let’s take a look at some of them...


For starters, organic produce is healthy. Ultra fresh vegetables full of flavor, vitamin and mineral rich without pesticide residues, irradiation or genetic modifications.


Soil fertility is replenished and maintained. Farming with organic methods helps to build valuable topsoil that is being eroded through conventional farming methods.


Our water quality is protected. There are no synthetic agrochemicals to wash through topsoil and into groundwater or watersheds that ultimately make there way to water systems such as streams lakes and rivers.


Fossil fuel consumption is greatly reduced. Since organic farming does not use synthetic fertilizers, there is no need to manufacture these petroleum based fertilizers.


Farmers and farm employees are able to work in a safer environment. Organic farming protects farm workers from exposure to often toxic synthetic herbicides and pesticides.


And of course there’s one more reason...we feel that organic food just tastes better!


By supporting organic production from local farmers we are working to maintain a healthy environment and helping to build a strong sustainable local economy for our community.